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The Florida Certification Board  Thursday - April 24, 2014
Providing protection by ensuring quality in the delivery of treatment, prevention, & intervention services to Florida's citizens.


The FCB offers two levels of Prevention Certification:

The Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) credential is for those who possess advanced prevention-related competency.  A CPP can provide services across the spectrum of targeted behaviors, inlcuding but not limited to: addictions, delinquency, teen pregnancy, suicide, and drop-out prevention.

The Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) credential is the entry-level prevention certification.  The CPS is also the reciprocal credential for those coming into Florida through the IC&RC.

You may apply for this credential in one of two ways:

Option A
Download the Application Portfolio from the link below.  Instructions to complete the Application Portfolio, the Prevention Application and Mandatory Forms are included in the link below.  Print, complete and mail the required forms to the FCB.

Option B
Contact the FCB at (850) 222-6314 to request an Application Portfolio for $40.  All documents will be mailed to you and must be returned via the U.S. mail. 

Application Portfolio (Print the application double-sided)

There is a $150 Certification Fee that must accompany your application.  Please make sure your Application Portfolio is complete.  Certification Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  The current FCB Code of Ethics can be found here.


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