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The Florida Certification Board  Saturday - April 19, 2014
Providing protection by ensuring quality in the delivery of treatment, prevention, & intervention services to Florida's citizens.


The Florida Certification Board provides certification for professionals in the State of Florida.  The FCB is dedicated to the principle that certified professionals must conform their behavior to the highest standards of ethical practice.  To that end, the FCB has adopted the Certified Professional Code of Ethics (the Code) to be applied to all professionals, certified or seeking certification.

The FCB may refuse to issue a credential to any applicant, may issue a reprimand, or suspend or revoke the credential of any certified individual who have been convicted of a felony, is found to have been in violation of the Code, or falsifies any information on the application or in the Application Portfolio. 

All applications for certification require applicants to indicate whether or not the applicant has ever been convicted of a felony.  If the applicant indicates "yes" in this section of the application, he/she must provide the FCB with any and all information concerning any arrest(s), convictions, indictments, suspensions, or revocations.

The FCB is committed to investigate and sanction those certified professionals or those seeking certification who breach the Code.  Certified professionals or those seeking certification are therefore encouraged to thoroughly familiarize him/herself with the Code and to guide their behavior according to the rules set forth within the Code.

Download the Code of Ethics & Disciplinary Procedures.

Download the Code Acknowledgement Form.

Have an ethical complaint against a professional who is certified or attempting to become certified?  Download the FCB Complaint Form.

Need to respond to an ethical complaint?  Download the FCB Response Form.


Note:  The FCB updated the Code of Ethics in 2012.  All ethical history notes dated prior to August 2012 refer to the numerical codes in this document

All ethical history notes dated post August 2012 refer to the numerical codes in the current Code of Ethics, dated May 2013.  All changes between August 2012 and May 2013 were clerical in nature and did not affect the numerical codes.  If you have any questions as to the ethical violation of any certified professional, please contact the FCB directly to ensure correct interpretation of the cited code and the actual violation.











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