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The Florida Certification Board  Friday - April 18, 2014
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In keeping with national certification standards (NCCA standard 2-d), the FCB does not and will not promote or require any particular education or training provider to applicants seeking training to meet initial certification requirements.  It is the responsibility of the certification applicant to seek relevant education, training, supervision, and on-the-job experience PRIOR to applying for certification. 



The FCB certification programs are developed and administered according to standards established by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

NCCA standard #2-D states: 

"To avoid conflicts of interest between certification and education functions, the certification agency must not also be responsible for accreditation of educational or training programs or courses of study leading to certification." 

NCCA further states: "In addition to not accrediting programs leading to the initial certification, the certification organization must not require candidates to complete that organization?s program for certification eligibility. If a certification organization provides an educational program (including but not limited to primary education, exam preparation courses, study guides); the organization must not state or imply that: 1) this program is the only available route to certification, or 2) that purchase or completion of this program is required for initial certification."



The FCB does not require or promote any specific training or education provider for initial certification. 

The FCB does offer a number of online training courses that may be used for initial certification or for renewal. (See below for specific information)

The FCB does require certified professionals to earn continuing education from FCB-Approved Education and Training Providers. (See FCB Approved Providers or Become an Education Provider for specific information)

The FCB does publish a voluntary list of FCB-Approved Training Providers. Publication on this list is voluntary and does not necessarily reflect all FCB Approved Training Providers.  (See FCB Approved Providers for specific information)



The Florida Certification Board provides a number of online training courses through its Online Education Platform.  Many of these courses are avaialble at no cost and most offer continuing education credit.  Our two newest course series are:

  • Three-part Cultural Competence Series -- Cultural Awareness, Multicultural Counseling Competencies and Organizational Cultural Competence.                  
  • Make the Link: Prevent Prenatal Substance Exposure courses - specialized courses for nurses, licensed clinicians and substance abuse and child welfare professionals
  • Go to to view courses or register



The FCB does require certified professionals to receive continuing education (CEUs) for recertification and renewal purposes from an FCB approved provider.  FCB approved providers include:

·         Colleges and universities accredited by a DOE/CHEA recognized higher education accreditation agency.

·         Coursework approved by another certification or licensure board for CEUs.

·         Agencies holding FCB Approved Provider status













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